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bespoke personalization and carefully crafted communication strategies. Deep thinkers and unapologetic dreamers. To know us is to love us (just ask our mothers). In a crowded marketplace, noise is the enemy; we cut through, strike deeper, drive sales, boast awareness and yield positive business outcomes.

We are a comprehensive collaboration of...

Classic Values, Progressive Thinking.

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Comprehensive, integrated solutions driving tangible results and business impact. Learn more about  Our Toolbox.

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  • We focus 100% of our energy to deliver the best creative insight. The other 100% is to deliver flawless strategy. Public Relations and Marketing make up the other, other 100%. STiR-communications is the only agency that can offer 300% dedication to our client’s business, while other agencies only offer a pathetic 100%. How do we do it? We suck at math. 

    We are the leading sycophants and users of marketing buzzwords. Synergy, edutainment, customer journey, omnichannel, gamification, and shoptimization are just some we will dazzle you with during initial meetings and give you for free. To figure out what they mean we’ll charge you handsomely, early and often. 

Safe is for the reckless! Success is hinged on one’s ability to tilt their perspective. We’re focused on solving tough challenges for brand leaders who want to shake up their industry & stop the status quo.

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