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For years, Cresilon had been overlooked by New York City media and the greater biotech industry, despite the startup's innovative technology, unique background story, high-paying job creation, and VC funding rounds. The startup needed to gain attention, increase visibility, and boost product sales as it looked to continue to grow, gear up for future fundraising rounds, and submit its first FDA application for human use.

Breakout Strategy / Programming

Cresilon is a Brooklyn-based biotechnology startup developing and manufacturing a proprietary plant-based gel that instantly stops bleeding in humans and animals.

Situation / Overview


Case Study

STiR quickly went to work, implementing a PR and media relations strategy that highlighted the Brooklyn-based biotech startup's sustained growth and unique biomanufacturing facility, its revolutionary technology created by a young scientist turned CEO, and impact of the company's first animal health product being used by veterinarians. Compelling stories were initially created and pitched to a wide-range of media targets, including industry verticals and TV outlets in New York City, which swiftly delivered earned media and bottom-line results as STiR continues working with this emerging startup on a mission to save lives.

Services Provided

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Media Relations

F'ing Results



Avg. media placements per month over a two-year period


Stories in media placements over a two-year period

306 Million

Media impressions over the most recent two-year period

Earned media placements are contributing to increases in investments and strategic partnerships for the startup, including a $25 million fundraise and a cooperative research and development contract with an incredibly prominent federal government agency.

Examples of earned media placements include live guest spots on Fox Business “Mornings with Maria” and Cheddar News, feature reports by Crain’s New York Business and Spectrum News NY1, and in-depth interviews with industry-leading podcasts like The Bio Report and Talking Biotech.

Guest interviews on popular veterinary podcasts and regional TV news segments featuring the impact of the company’s animal health product, as well as high-value editorial backlinks, continue contributing to increasing sales and supporting its digital marketing efforts.

STiR landed Cresilon’s CEO and co-founder in Forbes 30 Under 30, an incredibly popular list spotlighting the must-know innovators and young entrepreneurs who are changing the world.