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Gold Express Mines was in urgent need of boosting the company’s profile to combat negative perceptions within and towards the mining industry while retaining and generating new investor capital amidst economic headwinds. Investor interest was threatened by the Fed’s tightening of monetary policy to dampen inflation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and other global issues, which dramatically strengthened the dollar and caused a steep fall in gold prices. Additionally, as the industry felt increased pressure from national government and electric vehicle production initiatives, the company struggled with executing growth plans due to lack of awareness around industry-wide issues such as regulatory roadblocks preventing timely mining permits, necessary support for greater efficiency and sustainability in mining, and the dwindling talent pool.

Breakout Strategy / Programming

Gold Express Mines is a multi-commodity mining company focused on the discovery and development of precious and base metals including gold, silver, vanadium, molybdenum, copper, lead, and zinc.

Situation / Overview

Gold Express Mines

Case Study

STiR-communications immediately got to work crafting positive, relevant, and timely messaging that targeted investment, mining, and cross-category industry audiences. Within weeks, Gold Express Mines’ President and Vice President were featured as precious and base metal experts in multiple top-tier and national industry publications tackling topics such as the safe haven qualities of gold, silver, and other commodities during uncertain economic times and the increased demand for battery metals propelled by the electric vehicle industry. For each earned media placement, the company was positioned as a growing multi-commodity mining company that prioritizes sustainability to ensure that the economic, social, and environmental impacts of their projects are in harmony with the goals of the communities where they operate. Our swift approach and tactics, including news-jacking and strategic PR messaging, were instrumental in securing a significant share of voice for the client to bring important mining-related topics to the forefront of large-scale economic conversations in the media.

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Media Relations


384 Million

Media impressions earned within just 8 months

Examples of media opportunities garnered include The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, Yahoo! Finance Live, CBS News, American Public Media’s Marketplace, U.S. News & World Report, S&P Global Market Intelligence, and Investing News Network as well as in-depth interviews on prominent industry outlets and podcasts including The Northern Miner, Engineering & Mining Journal, Exploration Radio, Energy Cast, and Mining Minds.

Earned media placements contributed to increased investor interest and strategic partnerships, positioning the company for more capital and diverse growth opportunities.