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As a number of billionaire-backed startups were developing brain-computer interfaces and gaining widespread attention, NeuroOne was looking to boost the company’s profile and generate awareness about its innovative technology across audiences, including industry leaders, potential investors and partners, and medical professionals. Despite being backed by the Mayo Clinic, getting uplisted to Nasdaq, and having an FDA-cleared medical device used in clinical procedures for patients – the company had limited media coverage in recent years. Meanwhile, brain implants had become a hot topic in the media as several high-profile startups were advancing towards clinical trials.

Breakout Strategy / Programming

NeuroOne (Nasdaq: NMTC) is a Minnesota-based medical technology company developing the next-generation of brain electrodes to diagnose and treat patients suffering from neurological conditions.

Situation / Overview


Case Study

STiR quickly went to work, implementing a PR and media relations strategy that explained the company’s electrode technology in easy-to-understand terms, highlighted its medical milestones to-date and potential future applications for patients suffering from neurological disorders, and purposefully leveraged the media’s past interest in some well-known people and startups developing brain implants. Click-worthy pitches were initially created, tailored, and segmented across media tiers and targets that reach key audiences, which delivered both near- and long-term media coverage and interview opportunities as STiR continues working with the company as it continues making advancements and reaching milestones.

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Stories in media placements over a two-year period

98 Million

Media impressions over a two-year period

Examples of earned media placements include live guest spots on Fox Business Network and Cheddar News, feature reports in industry publications like Fierce Biotech and MD&DI, and in-depth interviews with popular industry podcasts like Med Tech Gurus and Medsider.

Earned media coverage in financial news and investor websites like Benzinga, The Fly, MarketWatch, and Seeking Alpha have contributed to an increase in the company’s profile and visibility among retail investors.

Now, the company’s latest developments are consistently covered by medical technology publications – keeping NeuroOne at the forefront of its industry and contributing to potential strategic partnerships.

Company shares jumped nearly 45% on the same day the CEO of NeuroOne was featured in a live, in-studio guest interview on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.”