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She was a D1 scholarship athlete who has no qualms about posting your ass up before taking it to the rack. We know this because that was the only qualification she shared during her interview. We hired her out of fear, curiosity, and a chance to finally win at company hoops. Oh and the joy of seeing her tower over our diminutive CEO.

... and another thing...

Hold onto your Pantone color swatches, boys and girls, because we're about to dive deep into the life and times of your favorite strategic creative executive. This Padron of pixels, honcho of Helvetica, chieftain of creativity, the authority of Adobe, and doyen of design is a secret weapon that we are no longer keeping a secret (for a nominal fee).

Becky has demonstrated her stupendous, strategic, stylistic STiR’ing sensibilities with superiority within all sectors. She’s even able to manage the elusive client – the bane of every designer's existence.
She is the commander of calm and navigates neophytes with deceptive deftness. (Behind the scenes she takes it out on us with brutal force.) Watch her as she traverses the treacherous waters of client feedback, where "helpful” phrases like "Can you make it pop more?" and "I'll know it when I see it" become all too familiar.

Becky is not some recent graduate who confuses creating a cute logo with driving real business objectives. Adept at blending art and business, Becky brings our clients to the critical intersection of driving design and dollars.

Excerpts from the Credential Confidential ...

Becky Weir

Executive Vice President

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