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She has worked in PR for the past five years with several clients in various sectors. Her brilliance didn't appear out of thin air; she holds public relations degrees from both Florida International University and the University of Miami. (Told you, she REALLY loves Miami.)

... and another thing...

Geena is an enigma wrapped within a riddle, then wrapped in gold leaf paper and dipped in chocolate. Not entirely sure what any of that means, but it was our poetic attempt at describing her as equal parts mysterious and sweet.

She is a kickboxing champion (currently undefeated against all bags) and a voracious reader of horror, which borders on obsession. We have reached out to Stephen King for an intervention; he declined sighting even he was too scared.

A virtual childhood cornucopia, she was born in Puerto Rico to Palestinian parents and possesses the rare Florida distinction of actually being raised her whole life in Miami.

Unlike our CEO, who only speaks two languages (good and bad English), Geena is fluent in THREE (English, Arabic, and Spanish).

Excerpts from the Credential Confidential ...

Geena El-Haj

Executive STiR'er

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