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She has spent the last six years gracefully tiptoeing through the intricate dance of public relations, between orchestrating media magic and refereeing toddler tantrums showdowns (some being our clients), while somehow finding time to devour every NY Times fictional novel like they're her morning cereal.

... and another thing...

The reigning multitasking monarch is the Swiss Army knife of STiR (equally charming and deceptively deadly). The comparison would be accurate if the Swiss were as diverse and vibrant as her home country of India. Rumana brings the peppiness of a Bollywood dance number, more color to our company than a Sari, and enough spices to turn the office coffee machine into a chai dispenser at STiR Communications. Her constant refreshing optimistic manner has made her a pariah within our four walls.

Excerpts from the Credential Confidential ...

Rumana Lokhandwala

Superior STiR'er

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