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Oh yeah, did we forget to mention she is Instagram famous? Even her side hustle has impact. Eat your heart out Kim K. Check out @TyphanieCooks for more.

... and another thing...

Unique in more ways than the spelling of her first name (pronounced “Tiffany” …yeah, we couldn’t figure it out at first either), Typhanie brings a level of sophistication to STiR-communications that we’ve lacked, not to mention, repelled for years. She is strategic, tactful, and deftly astute in properly shaping clients’ initiatives.

A degree in communications? Check. A Master’s degree in business? Check. Additional major in sociology? Yep. That one we’re not thrilled at, as she has said our office is why the study of social problems exists.

In addition to being a published writer, she has developed and implemented marketing/PR strategies for clients in industries such as banking, automotive, consumer electronics, real estate, construction, food, travel, retail, healthcare, and nonprofit.

Yes, those are just a few of the reasons the rest of us resent her openly and have deep personal insecurities.

Excerpts from the Credential Confidential ...

Typhanie Stewart

Vice President // Director

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